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    First loaned a batch of cotton fabrics and yarn to Japanese businessmen, then transported them to the Kuomintang-controlled area in exchange for strategic raw materials and transferred them back to the Shanghai stock exchange, using strategic raw materials in exchange for trading certificates, then exchange them for cotton fabrics and yarns from Japanese merchants, wait until they are confiscated, return the goods to the Shanghai stock exchange, and compensate the goods borrowed, to be able to complete the task is a good way. Operational capacity can be restored.” Notify the bureau's headquarters, no matter what you do, you must stop this batch of cotton fabrics and cotton yarns. You cannot easily enter areas controlled by the Nationalist Party. If Shengtong Trading Company wants to trade, the target of the transaction must be our Military Control Bureau. I think Dai Boss will really like this method."

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    "I must remind you, the influence of this matter has definitely spread. Soon, I will be interrogated by General Shigeru Oki, and at the same time you will also receive requests from all parties, you should hurry Find out clearly!" Sakae Kinoshita said.

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    Although the Shanghai stock market led China's cotton spinning industry during the Republic of China, accounting for seven-tenths proportionally, during the Battle of August 13, Chinese merchants' factories or destroyed by war or occupied by Japanese troops. The losses were extremely heavy, the remaining factories were still in the concession. , It was also blockaded by the Japanese military, as well as suppressed, excluded and bullied by Japanese businessmen.